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Zion Williamson comitting 'Violence at the Rim' in Duke Blue Devils vs Indiana Hoosiers game (Nov 2018)

Zion Williamson Goes Off For 25 Points With 4 Dunks, Against Indiana Hoosiers

8 days ago.

The Duke Blue Devils suffered a hard loss and wake up call to Gonzaga almost one week ago. It seems that may have awakened the sleeping giant NCAA basketball fans have been waiting to see. Zion Williamson took over in the Duke vs Indiana game last night, scoring 25 points, and committing violence on the basketball goal itself as one reporter put it.


"That is... violence at the rim" says ESPN's analyst of the game on Zion's 4th dunk of the game.


That slamdunk was an impressive Windmill, earned by stealing the ball at the top of Hoosier's key from their gaurd's lazy & well-predicted pass.


Zion was the lead scorer for the game with teammate RJ Barret adding in 22 points as well. Watch video highlights below here on PHH.


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