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Zillakami Posing With Gun In Front of NYPD Police Car

Zillakami, 6ix9ine Ex-Friend & Bloods Member, Posts IG Photo With Gun Front NYPD Police Car... STOOPID!

11 days ago.

You would think Tekashi 6ix9ine would be a cautionary tale for youth thinking of doing stupid things for social media fame. However, it appears the STOOPIDness is continuing. One of Tekashi's ex-friends and original music collaborators, Zillakami, has just posted a photo on instagram holding a pistol in front of a NYPD police car.


Is this illegal? Absolutely if it's a real gun (the barrell is hard to distinguish), this is the type of evidence to an illegal crime that FEDS or NYPD could use in future indictments against the "City Morgue Tour" rapper.


The photo was uploaded with the capture "WOop WoOp," which is a Blood gang mantra. Considering the FEDs are currently lining up 9Tre Bloods of New York under the RICO act, which can give inclusion to anyone claiming the gang, why the photo has not been removed from the social media is simply 'clout.' The rapper and his team are using it for clout.


Fans are super-supporting the questionable act. Many can be seen commenting things such as 'F--k the police' and 'the hardest out' but this follows in fashion to what fans said of Tekashi 6x9ine before he was locked up. Now those same fans are laughing and mocking him around the web as all the money he gained from last year diminishes.


Zillakami is slated to go on tour in Europe in coming months. Hopefully the young Hip Hop entrepreneur makes his rounds and finishes out with permanent sucess, learning from his ex-friend , Tekashi. The two can be seen perfomring together in several videos over at


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