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Gunna, Lil Baby, and Young Thug performing 'Chanel' in new music video [November 2018]

Young Thug Becomes Black Harry Potter for "Chanel" Rap Video Featuring Gunna & Lil Baby

9 days ago.

Creative concepts are redone with each generation. Sometimes these concepts are repeated not by choice but because of similar experiences of two people. Those experiences link the minds of two people who never knew each other (ie: visions of pink elephants from doing dust on Marijuana) because the outcome is the same. Rapper Young Thug looks to be channeling his inner Harry Potter with new rap video 'Chanel' featuring Gunna & Lil Baby.

The connection between Potter & Thugga is simply 'snake' of Voldemort. "Sexy" walks around in this new rap video with a large python following him as if his child. It seem to represent a protector of him and his crew, just as the evil character in Harry Potter.

The familiarity with such a film will immediately connect in the minds of fans of the multi-billion dollar film enterprise. That link will also keep them engaged in the story line.

Thugga, Gunna, and Lil Baby do nothing more than perform in the music video. They put their 'drip' on display to fans while walking through woods that acutally appear to be the same Young Thug used in his video "Best Friend."

Watch the new "Chanel" rap video below.

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