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AllHipHop founder Chuck Creekmur and Tr3yway Founder Seqo Billy discussing Hip-Hop, Blood Gang, The Streets, and Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tr3yway Founder Seqo Billy Talks Discovering Tekashi 6ix9ine 2 Years Ago Via Brooklyn Casanova

7 days ago.

Rapper Seqo Billy had a strong buzz in music just one year go with the song "Billy Dat." The founder of the Tr3yway brand, he was rising into the ranks of fame alongside 6ix9ine when the street brand were unjustly stripped from him. AllHipHop founder Chuck Creekmur sat with Seqo to explain what happened and how he knows Tekashi69, clarifying what's real and fake.


In federal indictments, the FBI and NYPD link 6ix9ine to the 9Tre Bloods Gang, but according to Seqo, it's not true.


"It was never an intention for him to be [9Tre] Blood. The thing was music," he elaborates on Tekashis's affiliation to Bloods. He continue, "His hair. His look. Yeah, it gave n--gaz an angle. You know what i'm sayin? N--gaz lookin like oh these n--gaz is crazy. These n--gaz is crafty. Look at what they came up with. "


In a summary format, Seqo Billy let 6ix9ine join the Tr3way movement because of his appeal to youth and obvious shock value.


Seqo added in, "The way he even came to us... me and my manager. We had the same manager. Somebody came to us by the name of uhhh, Brooklyn Casanova. Shouts out to him."


While some may think they are talking about the rapper Casanova 2x, who 6ix9ine and Tr3way would later have beef with, it's not. Brooklyn Casanova is a different person.


Things went left for Seqo and 6ix9ine's relationship however once Shotti got over-involved. Also, things went further south when Tekashi's trolling went to a low level, disrespecting other gangs and people. Seqo Billy says he knew that was damaging to the brand.


The worst moment however was neither of the above. Instead it was how the Dummo rapper started claiming ownership of Tr3way and then trying to 'diss' it. This was unbelievable to Seqo Billy and other associates who made it possible for 6ix9ine to look so gangster.


"It's really f--ked up, how the name is really slandered now and thrown around. Even the fact that homeboy [6ix9ine] even dissed thes hit and to say that he created it, is crazy. That's blasphemy. That's brazy. That shocked the sh-t out of me. Left my name out of it."

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