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Adam22 of No Jumper Talking With Alshawn Martin About Tekashi 6ix9ine Fed Case

Tr3Way's 1st Rapper, Alshwn Martin, Denies Involvement With 6ix9ine & Shottie Beefs With LA Gangs

13 days ago.

When there's smoke, many people run because the fire will burn everyone near it. As the Hip-Hop culture watches the 6ix9ine scandal unfold, the people closest to the situation are no longer playing friends with the social media buffoonery that made the Brooklyn rapper a star. The FEDs are the fire everyone's running from, including his booking agent, lawyer, and now fellow Tr3yway artist, Alshawn Martin.


"6ix9ine wasn't signed to Tr3way," says Alshawn on the perceived affiliation to 6ix9ine. He continues, "All the other people who shouted Tr3yway are not Tr3yway. I'm on the only person with this [Tr3yway] chain that signed to Tr3yway."


According to the Los Angeles MC, 6ix9ine is someone genuine. A brother in music, AM saw and still sees the Feds-indicted rapper a friend. However, Martin confirms Tekashi was never signed to Tr3yway and did not take offense when the Mexican-Puerto Rican super-clout [super saiyin of clout] rapper denounced the label calling Shottie's label nothing without the 69 brand.


Watch the full interview here below:


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