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Popular Rap Music Artists that died in 2018

Top Ten Hip-Hop Songs From Rappers Who Died in 2018 [ RIP ]

8 days ago.

With the 2018 year coming to a close, it's a blessing to have seen these talents touch on their rap Dreams before tragicly passing. Each had a popular Hip-Hop song(s) buzzing across the internet before dying or being murdered. Their stories will forever be legend because of the music and their enemies, will never be known in most cases. PHH has created this list of the Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs from Rappers Who Died in 2018.



XXXTentacon - Moonlight  

Murdered in his hometown in a botched robbery, XXX was on his way to global fame. His fame and fanbase were unrivaled and even Drake saw him as a threat, during their beef. Many say 'God's Plan' music video theme was stolen from this rappper.




Mac Miller - Best Day Ever  

An unfortunate drug overdose, MM suffered from a serious addiction to pills and lean. It's rumored he was experimenting with just about everything. Very sad, many rappers advised Mac to quit.  



Jimmy Wopo - Elm Street

JW had lots of beef in Pittsburgh, PA streets. People on-line say he was killed in revenge for an earlier shooting and/or killing his crew comitted. Wiz Khalifa had just signed him and had plans to take him on world tour.




Smoke Dawg - Trap House  

It's not clear why this Toronto rapper was killed. He was affiliated to Drake and had various beefs in the streets of Toronto. He was shot dead in broad daylight in the middle of a busy T.Dot street.  


Fredo Santana - My Lil N--gaz (ft. Chief Keef & Lil Reese)

This Chicago rapper and cousin of Chief Sosa, Fredo allegedly died from complications related to his abuse of the popular Hip-Hop drink & drug, Lean. He self-medicated a lot, suffering from trauama related to his previous life in the streets of Chicago (according to his own music).



Young Greatness - Moolah

This New Orleans rapper was killed in a Waffle House parking lot while visting his hometown on a break from Atlanta. He knew his life was at risk everytime he visited home but said he would stand like a man forever when roaming the NO.



Lil Lonnie - Colors



Da Real Gee Money - All I Know

Lots of rumors surrounding this death. He was shot dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during a time which he was beefing with fellow BRLA rapper NBA Youngboy.



Blvd Quick - Coffins (ft. Bossman Beezie)

Friend of Gee Money, Quick was murdered in BRLA just like his friend. Also, he too was beefing with NBA Youngboy, before he was killed. He had recently dissed Youngboy's mother before being shot down.  

BG Kenny Lou x Ghost Magento - Nawl FR
Bobby Gang member, these two Houston rappers are part of a Crip Gang crew in Houston, Texas that seem to be getting systematically murdered. Four members of the gangs have been murdered to date, allegedly for issues that occurred in the streets before Kenny Lou gainig buzz & Texas rap fame.





Celebrate those living while they are working to provide you Hip-Hop music and entertainment. These 10 songs proved these young aspiring artists had something that could connect to the world and now, no one will ever seen their true potential. None the less, what was gifted to the world, will be appreciated as entertainment.

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