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Tekashi 6ix9ine ordering a hit on Chief Keef's cousin Tadoe while sitting with TMZ cameras

Tekashi 6ix9ine Recorded by TMZ Offering $30K To Blood Members For Hit On Chief Keef's Cousin Tadoe

12 days ago.

The Tekashi 6ix9ine situation is an ugly one. As things unravel further, it is becoming clearer and easier to understand why the Feds launched their case. New evidence reveals the Federal Investigators have Tekashi69 on camera **offering $30,000 to 9Tre Blood gang members to shoot Chief Keef's cousin, Tadoe, **after their beefing on social media.


"When was the last person you shot?" he asks Tadoe at one point of the argument.


Surrounded by friends, you would think someone would tell everyone to cut cameras off, but they did not. Unclear how anyone could be this brazenly reckless, perhaps this was Shottie & Tr3yway's plan of keeping evidence to incriminate 6ix9ine if things went down.


The more damning evidence comes from the rapper's mouth shortly after the question that could have incriminated Tadoe himself.


"You gonna be at your crib or at Sosa hotel," 6ix9ine asks Keef's cousin, as if he's going to go look for him. Shortly after some bickering he tells Shottie, "I got a 30-pack on him right now Blood, 30-pack. Swear to God I got a 30-pack."


For those who do not understand the slang, a '30-pack' is $30,000 cash. That slang might have been an argument for lawyers had Tekashi stopped speaking but he clarified on video what it meant.


"$30-thousand-cash right now" he says.


The situation for 6ix9ine snitching might be impossible at this point. Regardless of how he tells the story, video like this would self-incriminate him as the boss of the organization. There's a prison cell for stupidity like this in any situation but if there's a chance for a fight, 6ix9ine's high profile image may be able to fund the lawyer who can find it.



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