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Tee Grizzley Reviews New Sneakers Purchased for Students at His Old Michigan School
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Tee Grizzley Buys New Shoes For Students With High Grades At His Old School

22 days ago.

Always great to hear about the positive side of Hip Hop music and culture. Every rapper delivering entertaining stories about the streets, isn't striving to maintain a character that promotes prison incarceration. Some rappers prote taking elevated paths. Michigan rapper Tee Grizzley is one of an artist doing exactly that. The Detroit MC recently bought new shoes for students achieving excellence at his old school.


"Bought shoes for the kids at my old school that got 4.0’s. Sometimes you gotta reward people let em know they doing good so they can keep doing good #Goodmorning" wrote the rapper beneath an instagram photo of the event.


Indeed a 'Good Morning' for the students of the Hip-Hop star's ex-school following his instagram. They rose to the news of new Nike shoes and had to be ecstatic to recieve rewards for their hard work and dedication to the books.


A great moment for Hip-Hop culture, there were 12-14 students apparently that had the perfect 4.0 grade point average. That was the only requirement to win the Tee Grizzley giveaway. It's not clear if he will be doing this every semester.


More positive news here on Popular Hip Hop soon!

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