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TakeOff performing in "Caster" rap video ( November 2018 )

Takeoff Chooses to Ride "Casper" For New Rap Video, Ghostly White Rolls-Royce Wraith

8 days ago.

Migos have officially begun their solo takeover. While Offset and Quavo already had major sucess individually, many had no idea that it' the othr member of the trio that was the only one in love with Hip-Hop since a youth. With this new song, the talent shines through. Migos' member Takeoff chooses to ride "Casper" for a day and this rap video was inspired by the luxury ride.

This music video is a futuristic cruise through space. Takeoff escaps to other galaxies where he finds beautiful women, willing to cruise with him in his Rolls Royce 'space shuttle.' It appears they take him to a 'Venus' type planet, of more beautiufl ladies that put on various performances, to his music.

This is the 2nd release from TakeOff's debut rap album, "The Last Rocket." The first was "Last Memory," both of which have been a 'W' for the Atlanta Hip-Hop star in streaming and views.

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