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Kyle McGriff, son of infamou Queens Kingpin, Supreme

Supreme McGriff's Son Trolls 50 Cent, Listening to GRODT Songs In Latest Instagram Pots

3 days ago.

After 50 cent's reply [ see here ] to his son Marquise Jackson posing in a photo with his mortal enemy's son, Kyle McGriff, it looks like a new trolling season has begun. It's not clear how serious it is however with there being real life 'murder beef' behind the energy of this photo-betrayl.


None the less, Kyle McGriff is not taking the internet beef too serious. The recent college graduate fired shots back via instagram . Not clear if it's a diss or an actual admission of appreciation for 50 Cent's music, the son of the once murderous Supreme Team drug kingpin performed his morning routines while listenng to "Many Men" and "In Da Club."


Brushing his teeth, Kyle raps out 2 lines from Many Men. "I'm the diamond in the dirt, that ain't been found / I'm the underground king, and I ain't been crowned. "


Later, he uploaded another post doing a pull-ups workout, while listening to 50's most popular record and Hip-Hop mega hit, "In Da Club."


See the video of both instances below.

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