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Russ in 'The Flute Song' music video

Russ Said He Does Whatever He Wants in New "The Flute Song," Now Here's The Official Video

3 months ago.

Atlanta Hip-Hop star really hit the music scene hard this year, being the $15-million-dollar cash cow labels never saw coming. Dedication to making new songs monthly for 1 year, gave him a fan base as strong as a diamond. Now that he's up, the rapper's living how he wants here's the new rap video for the song he owns the 'f--k' it' mentality.


The official "The Flute Song" music video follows suit to its own title. It features Russ performing and dancing amonst plethora of beautiful women, in all shapes and modes of style dancing while playing their flute. The syncronization of it all being very impressive.


The lyrics to the song are greatness. An admission to things passing in the young rapper's life as he rises through the ranks of Hip-hop.

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