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Rapper The Game with Allen Iverson, November 2018

Rapper The Game Says Feds Are Trying To Make Tekashi 6ix9ine Something He's Not

9 days ago.

Bompton, California had major beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine just a month ago. After all the Fed indictments and real-life bars being tossed at the Brooklyn troll, the tunes are changing however. Former G-Unit rapper & 50 Cent protege, The Game, is one of those Bloods from Cali who rap beefed with 69 changing his tune about feelings for the 'Dummo' rapper.


"This is sad," wrote The Game on an instagram comment about the viral rap sensation. He continues with pity, "This is sad. This kid [Tekashi 6ix9ine] ain’t een bout that life, but the pigs will make it look like he was John Gotti on paper and try to make an example out of him."


A far cry from the time when The Game and Tekashi were dissing each other back and fourth on social media. It was then the photo of 69 wearing the bandanna of the crips and dancing bachata at a girl's 15th birthday party were exposed to the world by TG's instagram.


The Game had more to add in about the situation, warning other up and coming rappers to use the situation as a learning curve. He advises them to focus on their business and realize rap is a way to take care of their family and well-being.

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