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Chingy reminding Hip-Hop he's still shooter in 2018 during new music video, On Go

Platinum-Selling 2000's Rapper Chingy Returns With Self-Produced Single "On Go"

10 days ago.

St. Louis, MO rapper Chingy **was as hot as they get in 2003, when his hit single "Right Thurr" smashed the Hip-Hop charts. Following up with multiple hits for the next half decade under Ludacris' DTP record label, his career only slowed down after beefing with his Atlanta label boss over revenue splits. After taking time off to cool down from all the clout and fame that rushed into his life, he's finally back with new single, "_On Go**_".

Self-produced, On Go, is a simple single for the fans who enjoy bass-heavy rhythems that knock in the trunk. The content of the single is simply about being on-point at any given moment, at your peak.

The music video was released with the** new Chingy song for 2018**. Watch it below here on PHH. It appears the St.Louis millionaire has grown up in dress but still knows his away around the hood where he's from. Clips of girls dancing at the local strip clubs, dope cars, and his crew are all 'hurr.'


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