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New York Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Xavier Donaldson ESQ

NY Federal Criminal Attorney Says Kids Like 6ix9ine Need Know FBI & Police Hire Detectives To Watch Social Media 24-7

7 days ago.

Hot 97 **radio programming director 'Old Man eBro' has been consistently getting police & legal defense commentaries on the 6ix9ine indictment & case. The latest professional was **Xavier Donaldson, a Federal Criminal Attorney from NY. A counselor and lawyer, Donaldson told Hot97 listeners need to understand Feds, FBI, DEA, and Police Departments all have employees now who's sole job for the entire day is watching social media.


"It's crazy bro" says Mr Donaldson when asked about young criminals of this era being too real on social media.


He continues, "I do cases just like Tekashi and....The way young men and yung women are putting their information out on social media in some cases is absolutely crazy. You have to understand the Federal government is literally reading and watching everything you're doing. There's no doubt about that. So in my mind, it just makes no sense to be on Facebook or tweet to talk about what organization or what group you're involved in, putting up signs etc. "


On 6ix9ine's particular case, Xavier says the Feds building where the rapper is at has just over a 90% rate of winning cases against federal criminals. It's also very normal they have an informant giving solid information on crimes committed for 5 to 8 weeks before they close out the case. There is less than a 10% chance Tekashi will walk away from the case with no time.


Watch the video and lean to Xavier Donaldson talk with Hot97's EBro in the Morning crew on the 6ix9ine case and similiar.