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Crystal Westbrooks taking a selfie with Apple iPhone, Which Got Caught in 2018 iCloud Hack

Nude Photos Of Crystal Westbrooks Leak On-line After 2018 iCloud Hack

9 days ago.

Social media model Crystal Westbrooks, sister of India Love, is one of the most popular girls to come from the short-lived Tumblr era. She's dominated social media sites like reddit and instagram since. Unfortunately however, her sexualized popularity has driven the thirstiest guys out and her iCloud being caught in a recent international hack, left her private nudes exposed to the world.


While PopularHipHop can not share these photos, it is confirmed they are real. Her families' legal team has been working diligently to get them erased from the web. The struggle however, her fans lust after the photos and continue re-uploading them to her fan-powered subreddit ( r/CrystalWestbrooks) which has just over 3,000 followers.


Seemingly more passive and an introvert in the public than her sisters India and Morgan, Crystal has not addressed the nudes being leaked. However, in the internet age where everyone's personals are seemingly on front street, the moment is sure to pass and further expand her brand as the naked body has become a new age career for women of beauty. If google, instagram, tumblr, and facebook existed in the 1950's, it's a sure thing companies like Playboy would never have had such a strong run as 'beauty' has become a career women can self-manage with ease in 2018.


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