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Close up of Kevin Durant and his hair, Unbrushed during Warriors game

Michael Jordan & Charlotte Hornets Offer Kevin Durant $50-Million-Dollars & Hair Brush To Accept Trade

9 days ago.

Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets are ready to become a elite Eastern Conference NBA championship contender. The last few years they have made questionable trade for their roster but now things are quite clear. Today, concocted sources revealed to a PHH fabricated source, Kevin Durant is coming to the Queen City.


"It was said as a joke but he was serious. Everyone was in a room watching a video called Rich Life Forever on YouTube, talking about the girls in it.," explains our source in the tip off.


The source-source continues, "Then, a team advisor to Michael Jordan said 'We need to get one of them to DM Durant the offer. You know he likes social media. Sensitive but that's good for our brand' and then the talks began about KD."


Once the short talk bout Durant opened up, Michael Jordan is alleged to have tossed out numbers he'd be willing to offer. The sum was absolutely astounding.


"Jordan said 50-million-dollars and a hair brush, laughing. He said for Durant to be the $50-million-dollar star , he's going to have to get a hair brush and wear an Air Jordan brand durag to join the wave gang."


A comedic remark by professional basketball's #1 athlete turned business mogul, the deal still might be a hard sell. Kevin Durant's been committed to leaving his hair unbrushed and the short-lived Narnia News out of San Fransisco's Marin County once reported the NBA superstar is allergic to hairbrush bristles.


"Durant can't use a hair brush because both synthetic bristles and boars hair brushes cause his vitiligo to wosen. He could end up lighter than Steph Curry after 3 seasons between the chemicals relesed by Draymond Green's stressing him and a hair brush."


As more news arrives on the topic, Popular Hip Hop will report.

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