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Michael Christmas talking to acting High School Basketball Team's Head Coach

Michael Christmas Brings Out The Hoopers In Latest Rap Video "Ball"

12 days ago.

Here's a new Hip Hop artist who takes pride in their craft and keeping the web buzzing. Michael Christmas has dropped a steady stream of viral hits on Soundcloud and YouTube, that many mainstream Hip-Hop blogs have not supported. Striving to bring talent back to the forefront, PHH Presents the latest MC rap video, Ball.


The plot of the video follows in-line with the chorus and concept of the new single. As he sings a chorus reminiscent of Outkast & Goodie Mob in the late 1990's era, Christmas' and castmates perform the act of a high school basketball game.

"If you want to pump, you've got to jump" repeats the head coach throughout the video. A catch phrase that's sure to catch fire on the viral scene.


Watch the new visual below here on PHH. Should we keep posting Michael Christmas rap music or not?? Rate the talent in the comments.

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