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Meek Mill Talks to Elliot Willson of Rap Radar About Awkard Date with Jay-Z and Beyonce

Meek Mill Says Jay-Z & Beyonce Played Drake 'Back 2 Back" Diss Song On A Double Date Outing

a day ago.

Meek Mill admis Drake cooked him with the arguably best Hip-Hop diss record of all-time, Back 2 Back. It's not until however, the Philly rapper tells a personal story of how it even effected his personal life. While on a double date wth Jay-Z and Beyonce, Mr Carter accidentally played the "Back 2 Back" song and Meek says he caught the bubble guts he was so uneasy.



Sounding like something out of a parody movie, the Philly rapper said everyone was looking confused and unaware of what to do next after the song played. Imaginably, everyone was looking at the food and probably a few giggles were covered by new jokes and awkward eye contact.


All's well that ends well however. Today, Drake and Meek Mill are friendsa gain and he an laugh at the past rap feud as a learning lesson. He's using the story telling event to promote his new album, "Championships." It includes a new song featuring Jay-Z, so their bond is clearly still tight.

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