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Lonzo Ball With Pregnant Girlfriend Denise Garcia, Before Relationship Ended

Lonzo Ball Break & Denise Garcia Break Up Over Zo's Working Too Hard But She Wants $30k a Month

13 days ago.

Lonzo Ball has been with his girlfriend Denise Garcia **for some time. She stuck with him on his rise to NBA stardom and hyping of Lavar, but now she wants out. According to Lonzo himself, the couple is taking a break**, citing the reason as simply his NBA career and work habits.


The relationship may get patched up in the future but the two agree it's over for now. Denise feels Lonzos's constant travel with the Los Angeles Lakers alongside his travel for promotions of the "Big Baller Brand" are too much. The Hooper-girlfriend says Zo's never at home and feels deserving of someone more attentive to her own needs.


Lonzo Ball is not giving in to these demands as he continues to strive to earn millions, working his fame and basketball career for all the potential outlets possible. As he earns 7-figures annually now, he's gaining many new experiences beside newly-added Laker teammate Lebron James.


In contrast to her complaints of Lonzo being away non-stop and working 24-7, Denise seems to appreciate the rewards of her child's fathers work. While complaining about wht he's doing to earn, **she's allegedly asking for $30,000 a month child support **from those exact same earnings. How can she appreciate $30k but not her child's father who's working and traveling to earn it? Ironically her name on instagram is "@DMoney0414," to add a humorous value to this plot.


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