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Lil Yachty during GQ session, Answering Fans On Youtube

Lil Yachty Says 1st Rap Songs Came From Being Broke & Mother Giving Up On Him

9 days ago.

Rapper Lil Yachty sat down with GQ on-line to answer fan questions on Youtube today. The Atlanta-native flexed his intelligence on a range of topics, recognizing success is his 1st priority above image and 'keeping it trill.' One question stood out from others however as it lead to the 'Lil Boat' explaining what made him write his first rap songs.


"I think what motivated me in the beginning was that i was dead broke and i used to do very illegal things that could land me in prison. And, I'm clearly not fit for prison," said Yachty of what inspired him to make music.


He continued, "Everyone started giving u on me, like my mom was... She started thinking I was spiralling out of control and I could tell people started losing faith. So I had to prove everyone wrong."


The way many people end up motivated in life, going against the current, it's ironic had people kept believing in Yachty as a youth, he may not be here today. Instead, their negative outlook on him inspired him to do better.


Watch the full interview with the 'One Night rapper below here on PHH.

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