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Lil Yachty Sits on Couch With Multiple Girls in new rap video, Get Drippedon

Lil Yachty Releases New Rap Video For Gamer Samples Song, Get Dripped, Featuring Playboi Carti

10 days ago.

Fans of throwback memories and gaming samples should appreciate this new Hip-Hop song from Atlanta's once-awkward Hip-Hop prodigy. Former flame of India Westbrooks, Lil Yachty is returning to the rap scene, with new music video "Get Dripped."


The song itself sounds like a 'Game' but the lyrics are actually low-key gangster when listened too in review. Featuring A$AP Rocky protege Playboi Carti, the two rappers spit lyrics about 'thumbing through a check' and bucking at haters.


The music video is pure artistry. Pop culture friendly, it features the two young rappers in various creative scenes that range from an in-home garden to a black-light lit room where Yachty is throwing around orange paint.


"N-gga dont like me then say dat" raps Lil Yachty on one verse. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the song and video.

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