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Lil Pump Holds The Smoke of California Wildfires To Make a Joke Promoting Harverd Dropout

Lil Pump Upsets People Effected By California Wildfires With Instagram Mockery

22 days ago.

Rapper Lil Pump did not offend people when he boldly declared himself drug addict, nor with other explicit lyrics degrading women & impoverished. However radical the music, none crossed a line of that a recent instagram mockery has leaped far ovr. The rapper used a photo of himself 'holding' the smoke of California wildfires in the distant background to make a joke. The insensitive post has families & supporters of those effected by the natural disaster_ flaming hot_.


"I played Harverd Dropout in Calabasas" wrote Pump as a caption to the photo (seen above) to promote his coming album.


The insensitive post by the 'Gucci Gang' rapper got an immediate negative response from Californians and people who empathize with residents effected.


User @RazosBarberShopSF wrote, " Your a fucking clown 🤡 . People have lost there homes and have been devastated by this fire 🔥 it’s all good bro these kids playing your trash ass music has to grow up some day ."


"That shit no joke! It is a real threat to humanity" wrote user @theodoresboredom .


@marcozunino84 chimed in, "Not funny, IDIOT !!!!


The list of responses goes on and on. Some are callng themselves 'ex-fans' of the Florida raper for the distasteful promo post.


Is this going too far with the shock content ? It's hard to tell currently. Most rappers who have made offensive posts in the past see an immediate drop of soial media following. According to, Lil Pump's following is steadily growing regardless.

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