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Lil Pump announcement of Pump & Cluck Gas Stations on Christmas Day 2018 via Instagram

Lil Pump Launching Pump & Cluck Franchise, Chicken Wings & Gas Station, Christmas Day 2018

8 days ago.

Florida rapper Lil Pump has had a lot of success since his uber viral success in 2017. Now it looks like the "Boss" rapper plans to increase his net worth. Today, it was announced via major news outlet Raplies on-line, Pump used his new fortune to launch a gas station franchise, Pump & Cluck Wings.


"I alwayz be thinkin 'bout my cheese, my cheddah. I joke wit' jits bout it but now I want to be 'bout dat. I was geekin' off dat Khalifa Kush and had the idea to start juggin wit da gas money like dem Dubai boys. My management company liked it and got in touch with people. Now I got dat... OO0o! Dat way," wrote the rapper, real name Gazzy Garcia, on a concocted capture of an instagram post [ see full image here ].


Pump & Cluck Wings, gas and fast food stations will begin serving clients on Christmas day 2018 according to fans on LipStickAlley forums. The first 5 locations will be opened in the Florida cities of Miami, West Palm, Jacksonville, and Orlando.


Fuel prices at the gas station will be reduced for anyone who has an RFID chip implants and also those who can show proof of purchasing his music to cashiers. There also may be future opportunity for those that use fuel rewards cards from florida grocery stores.


On the P&C food menu, there will be 10 flavors of wings. Shared on a instagram story, 6 of the flavors listed on a partially shown menu included: Pump's Plump, Jajapeno Jits, Sizzlin SmokePurpp, Molly Mangos, Garlic Gucci, and Thotty Terriyaki.


Celebrity television food show host Andrew Zimmern of the Travel channel (see here) is scheduled to appear as well for the grand opening. He will air a live episode from "Pump & Cluck" at the Orlando gas station.

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