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Lil Pump modeling a building, before arrested by Denmark police

Lil Pump Arrested in Denmark, Show Cancelled After Giving Danish Cops Middle Finger

a day ago.

Rapper Lil Pump is known for being a young rapper who's keen at offending people. However, it's not always his offensive actions get a reaction that hurt his career. Whie touring Europe, Denmark Police were ready to give him a lesson however. The Florida rapper's Hellsinki show was cancelled after he was detained for first, allegedly having an illegal substance, but then held after giving Danish Police the middle finger on camera.


It's alleged the illegal substance was weed and could not be proven so police would have released Pump. However, it's his actions on the ride to the Hellsinki police station, that cost him the $100k+ valued show scheduled for later that night. Posting a video on snapchat giving the police there the 'bird,' he apparently violated some sort of international law of the country. They then kept him at the police station for an extended period that made his show impossible.


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