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L&HH reality show stars Joe Budden & Cyn Santana

L&HH: Joe Budden Says He's Okay if He and Baby Mama Cyn Santana Don't Have Sex Again

8 days ago.

Joe Budden is known for sensationalized commentaries but a recent rebuttal to his Hip-Hop model wifey's request for sex is a 'low blow.' The rapper turned podcaster says he does not need to have sex again to be happy, in a short interview with popular rap radio show, The Breakfast Club.


"Why don't you want to have sex Joe, every night? asks radio host DJ Envy.


Joe Budden responds in his un-amused tone, "Listen... if I never had sex again, I'd be okay."


A shocking response for most, Cyn Santana is the mother of Joe Budden's child so the two have had 'good relations' before. Cyn, who's been known for her on and off lesbian love affair with Bow Wow's Erica Mena, is one of Hip-Hop culture's hottest video models of the last decade.


Perhaps it's just the age gap however. Santana is 26-years-old while Joe Budden is 12-years her serious, at 38. Either that, or the visible emotional inconsistency of Cyn is wearing down the Love & Hip-Hop reality show star.


Listen to the The Breakfast Club's full radio interview (audio) below.

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