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New York rapper Kooda B in "Quagmire" music video [ November 2018 ]

Kooda B Drops Fresh Rap Video Mobbin NYC Streets, Goes "Quagmire" With The Lyrics Of New Song

8 days ago.

If you do not know who Quagmire is, search the character on YouTube. Rapper Kooda B channeled his inner 'Glenn' to creat his latest hit single for 2018. Today released the music video of the buzzing rap song, where KB flexes his latest dance moves while spitting a series of Family Guy inspired wordplay.


The energy of the new Hip-Hop music video is through the roof. Kooda B mobs the streets of New York with young Crips and Bloods of the Big Apple.


The intro of the video includes a short cameo from rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine as well. If not familiar, Kooda provided 69 with most of his dance moves that the world embraced. Tekashi repaid the favor by naming one of his singles, "Kooda." The two have been friends since young.


Watch the Kooda B "Quagmire" rap video below, here on PHH.

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