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Diddy Honors Childrens' Mother With Continued Instagram Posts, Thanks Fans For Showing Love

Kim Porter Laid To Rest Today, Diddy Pays Final Tribute To The Queen Of His Family

12 days ago.

Kim Porter was laid to rest today, November 24th. Two days after Thanksgiving Dinner, Diddy the Combs family have to have their final celebration of the former model-actress' life. Diddy paid tribute to her on instagram letting fans know today is her final resting date.


"Today we lay to rest our ANGEL. Her spirit lives on with us FOREVER!!! We thank you all for your prayers and support. You have no idea how much it means to us. We thank GOD for all of you. #KimPorter" wrote Diddy beneath a photo of former Love, wearing a crown [see photo below].


Someone who attended the event and had a camera gave photos to . In a royal fashion Kim Porter is being buried in gold casket. The funeral is said to have taken place at 11AM (eastern).


Still very shaken by the suden, unexpected death of their mother, the children of Kim Porter have been pretty removed from social media. Understandably so, photos of them leaving the funeral show that they did have their composure kept, through these hard times.

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