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Kanye West shaking Donald Trump's hand in White House

Kanye West Working On 1st Ever Humming Music Album, Titled "Yumming"

12 days ago.

Rapper Kanye West has been living in Juneau, Alaska for the last 2 months at a privy luxury housing resort. Paying $10,000 daily to reside at the 'Diamond Elk' home, which includes a state of the art recording studio, he's been working on a top secret project according to feeble sources. The project information has been released, 'Yumming,' an album solely dedicated to humming.


Fans that thought Yeezus' "Poopity Scoop" concept was outrageously dope will have their mind blown further into space, by this artistic new sound.


The album plans were exposed on a piece of paper photographed at the Diamond Elk home. Part of the track-listing and explanations of the song are written on a notebook paper, which was shopped around to various sites.


"Hmmm Ummm," "Hmm Mmm Mmm," and "Yummm Hmmm" are the first 3 song titles viewed on the 1st page. The songs are said to be inspired by personal doubt, favorite pleasures, and the 3rd is a club turn-up song.


This is a new drip for Hip Hop fans. It will truly be a chance to experience art at a higher level and prove whether or not people can communicate with vibes of tones.


More details as soon as available.

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