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Jay-Z and Obama at a campaign rally

New Jay-Z Song Featuring Barack Obama Releasing December 2018

9 months ago.

Tidal had a nonorthodox meeting with industry professionals today in Willemstaad, Curacao. Among those attending was a recently freed Bobby Schmurda, Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Chief Keef, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber's management team, Usher, Ludacris, newly signed Leeksta2G, Lil Pump, Michelle Obama, and her husband as well. While the event was star-studded, everyone seemed to be in awe that the former President Barrack Obama was there. The reason of his attendance blew everyone away. The music streaming giant announced a new Jay-Z song would release in December of this year (2018) featuring America's 1st Black President along with unreleased vocals of Tupac Shakur.


"I'm not a rapper but I had some... [smirks and looks to audice]... I had some dirt to get off my shoulder about this new white house party and I had to do this in a way the world would her," said Barrck of the new tune.


Details of the song are still somewhat scarce but the musically inclined Tidal President Richard Sanders dished a few tidbits to the select group in attendance. According to the Streaming giant head of operations, the single will be produced by none other than 'Scooly' of Mike Will Made It's Ear Drummers production team. He caught the ear of the former President and Jay-Z through Rae Sremmurd's song 'Now That I Know.' It's a single the two icons play during their golf meet ups in the Dominican Republic.


The song title is not yet released. It's slated to be announced November 31st via


"Why didn't Kanye produce the record seeing he's been so polictically charged lately," asked one informant from Free Black Interrogations blog, VladTV.


Sander's didn't reply but Jay-Z's long time buddy 'Ty-Ty' had a sharp rebuttal.


"Yandhi's Maga hat got lost. He couldn't find his super powers nor his F69 jet to fly over here [to Curacao]."


No further information was given on the new Jay-Z x Obama track. However, Tidal did go over their growing success in Latin American regions. Thanks to Jigga's right hand man, Romeo Santos, many of today's top spanish music artist are doing exclusive dels with the streaming company. Bad Bunny, Secreto El Famoso Biberon, J Balvin, Cardi B, Anuel AA, and more are said to have new tracks on the brink of release.


Jay-Z and Obama's song will release in December 2018. The exact date of release will be told on 11/31/2018. Unreleased vocals of Tupac Shakur are also utilized in this song somehow. It's not clear if the voice of 2pac is used via an actual verse or sampling for chorus/beat production.

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