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Meek Mill featuring Jay-Z (Rick Ross not featured)

Jay-Z Calls 2018 Streaming & Music Sales Fake Whiles Rick Ross Lyrics Diss Tekashi 6ix9ine, In New Meek Mill Song, "What's Free"

6 days ago.

Rapper Meek Mill left prison and began finish his album immediately. The consistent hard work paid off, landing him a new feature from one of the greatest to ever touch rap. Releasing his 4th studio album this morning at midnight, Meek Mill dropped new single, What's Free, featuring Jay-Z and Rick Ross.'


This new song of 2018 is not an ordinary tune either. Jay-Z and Rick Ross reall go in on two topics that demands attention of the media world.


First, Ricky Rozay leads the charge with the 1st verse on this new tune. The Triple C's frontman talks about the hottest topic in Hip-Hop currently, Tekashi 6ix9ine, indirectly but clearly. He never mentions the 'Dummy Boy' rapper's name but it's clear who the verse is about.


"Screaming gang gang, now you wanna rat / Racket jury charges, caught him on a tap / Looking for a bond, lawyers wanna tax / Purple hair, got them faggots on your back," he raps to close out his bars on the What's Free single.


Meek Mill seconds the charge on the single. His verses more about his own situation just shortly ago, faced with a chunky prison sentence enforced by a questionable Philadelphia judge.


"Fed investigations, heard they plotting like I trap / 20 mil in cash, they know that I got that off of rap / Maybe it's the Michael Ruebens or the Micahel Krafts / or the Billionaire from Marcy, and the way they got my back" he raps out, explaining why he feels he was imprisoned.


The 3rd verse, goes far deeper than rap. Jay-Z closes out the new song of November 2018, as if he's trying to cap off the entire year with an exclamation. The Marcy legend performs bars that topple ideas about streaming numbers in music being important because of techniques being used to inflate counts, alludes to Michael Jackson & Prince being hated for their melanin & black pride, and disses Billboard all together.


That verse has so so many bars, see a copy from rap genius below:


In the land of the free, where the blacks enslaved /

Three-fifth's of a man I believe's the phrase /

I'm 50% of D'usse and it's debt free (Yeah) /

100% of Ace of Spades, worth half a B (Uh) /

Roc Nation, half of that, that's my piece /

Hunnid percent of Tidal to bust it up with my G's /

Since most of my niggas won't ever work together /

You run a cheque up but they never give you leverage /

No red hat, don't Michael and Prince me and Ye /

They separate you when you got Michael and Prince's DNA, uh /

I ain't one of these house niggas you bought /

My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours /

My spou- (C'mon man) /

My route better of course /

We started without food in our mouth /

They gave us pork and pig intestines /

Shit you discarded that we ingested, we made the project a wave /

You came back, reinvested and gentrified it /

Took nigga's sense of pride /

Now how that's free? /

And the people stole their soul and hit niggas with 360's /

I ain't got a billion streams, got a billion dollars /

Inflating numbers like we 'posed to be happy about this /

We was praisin' Billboard but we were young /

Now I look at Billboard like 'Is you dumb?' /

To this day, Grandma 'fraid of what I might say /

They gon' have to kill me Grandmama, I'm not they slave (Ha-ha-ha) /

Check out the bizarre rappin' style used by me the HOV /

Look at my hair free, care free /

Niggas ain't near free /


Listen to the new Meek Mill song "What's Free" featuring Jay-Z and Rick Ross below on PHH.

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