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Texas rapper BG Kenny Loud Self-Medicating While Talking About Deaths of 2 Friends, DJ & Wingo

Houston Rapper BG Kenny Lou Spoke On Friends' Deaths Effecting How He Moved in October 2018 Interview

8 days ago.

Shocking news to many fans, rapper BG Kenny Lou was shot and killed inside his car along with friend and fellow rapper, Ghost Magneto. The 'Nawl FR' rapper from the city's Southside was making major noise around Texas with his latest mixtape. Sadly however, he was aware of the drama surrounding him, speaking on friend's deaths in a recent interview with Staydown productions.


"How has the passing of your brothers Wingo and DJ effected the way you make music or your determination for it?" questions the host of the interview.


Kenny Lou responds, "That sh-t really fu-king me over. It makes me better too at the same time. "


Obviously a big distraught on the topic, he mumbles various things, including how loss of his 2 friends give him content for his music. Judging by body language however, it seemed as if the rapper was not quite comfortable speaking openly on the matter.


"It definitely effects the music. It effects the way a n--ga move and everythang. Thought process and all that. It makes me better fa'sho," he ends out the jumbled response before wiping his eye, possibly for a tear.


Watch this interview of Bobby Gang Kenny Lou below. The rapper was heavily self-medicating during the 35 minute talk, which many associate to emotional scars of hood trauma. He spoke on his friends' deaths effecting him around 9 minutes into the interview.

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