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Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box

Hip-Hop Pioneer Ralph McDaniels Says Rap Changed Notorious BIG, Brooklyn Girls Called Him Fat Chris, Not Biggie nor Big

11 days ago.

A major revelation was made by one of Hip-Hop Music's earliest pioneers. The trailblazer had a recollection during an interview that could shift perceptions of one of the greatest rappers ever. Ralph McDaniels of early Hip-Hop TV Show "Music Video Box" says the Notorious BIG's entire image and swagger changed for rap, which could certify Tupac's claims of BIG copying his formula.


"This is before Party n' Bullsh-t. It's not even out yet... So this kid comes over and he's fat and chubby, and he's smiling, and there's nothing Notorious," says McDaniels on his first encounter ever with the fellow Bedstuy native. He was standing outside of a Tower Records' store buying vinyl records when a lady approached and asked if he had met the Notorious BIG. Ralph had not even heard of him at this point and Biggie had no hit records out yet at all.


He continues on the meet-up, "There was nothing Notorious about what he/she said. He [BIG] was like 'Cool, nice to meet you. I seen your show before.' blah blah blah and we walked away."

A short 5-minute conversation, the two were getting softee ice cream as they talked for the brief period, but McDaniel's did not see anything special about Biggie at the time.


"BIG walked away and I was with my man Beast, so I asked him 'Why they call him Notorious BIG, He don't look, like Notorious, in any way.' and he [Beast] was like 'I dont know' and so 6 months or 7 months later, Party N Bullsh-t is out, and it was like a different guy than I met."


A rather common revelation about most rappers, the Music Video Box Mogul's story parrallels Tupac's claims about Biggie's image and persona changing after meeting the West Cost legend. The story had more jewels for fans of Notorious BIG as well. According to McDaniels, people in Brooklyn never called the rapper by either of his rap monikers. Instead they called him "Fat Chris."


"He had grown up really fast. N ot just in the music industry but just in life, things had happened. He was just a different guy. His swag was there. His street clique was there. Now Notorious BIG was there," says McDaniels on the change. He continues, "The Girls on the block called him Fat Chris [before the fame]."


An interesting Hip-Hop tale courtesy of VladTV. Watch the full interview below.



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