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Dallas, Texas Girl's Twerking Was Too Bootylicious For Her 2-Year Old Box-Pitbull Dog. Fumes of Doom.

Fumes of Doom, Texas Girl Kills Dog With Her Bootylicious Twerk, PEETA Wants Animal Cruelty Charges

10 days ago.

Masriel Rodriguez is having a dog day to start off her post-Thanksgiving week. The 22-year old who was filmed dancing for giggles by a friend on instagram (user @idiii25 ) has become viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. Rodriguez killed her 75-pound pit bull-boxer with 'Fumes of Doom' and now PEETA wants to press charges.


"Listen. Take a a bath. Wash your boo-ty , it's your du-ty! Wash it just like you do your dog. If you can kill your dog with your fumes of doom, you don't need to be on these streets," said PEETA activist LaShawn Johnson LaCroix.


The PEETA activists are extremely upset over the animal cruelty twerk video. Masriel showed no regret to the dog's losing of consciousness in the viral clip. The poster of the video chose to stop filming and check on the 2-year-old dog, as Rodriguez just laughed with another girl in the room and just kept twerking later, which has been deleted from IG.


Idi, who posted the video, had a short instagram chat with PopularHipHop's team. She communicated in her native Spanish language and here is the translation of her thoughts.


"I was shocked. Masriel is a friend of my friend, the other girl that was there. I just moved here from the Dominican Republic. I don't know the girl much. When the dog died however , I figured immediately what it was though. My friends at our University say don't sit next to her in class because she smells like how China's Ocean trash looks in our ecology class."


PEETA has already gotten in contact with authorities in the Texas County which the girl lives. Authorities there in the small Dallas suburb of "Jelly" are investigating to see if any laws were broken.


"We have nothing to comment at this me," said authorities to the local newspaper, Narnia Times.


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