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Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez With Friends Celebrating Birthday of Riley Anderson

Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez Share Video Of A Bootylicious Ladies' Night Celebrating Riley Anderson's Birthday

9 days ago.

The Gonzalez Twins have been the hype on-line for some time. Quite a few celebrities have tried to shoot a shot with the UNLV Running Rebels basketball stars, including NBA Hooper Anthony Davis. Enjoying their social media modeling success , the twins shared a video of a bootylicious ladies' night event recently that has their 2-million followers buzzing.


The reason for celebrating was their friend Riley Anderson turning 24-years-old. While some think Riley's an ex-UNLV teammate the girls had before quitting the Running Rebels basketball program but she's not. It's not clear their relation. However, the celebratory video is appreciated as it shows women can have sisterhood and peaceful co-existence.


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