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Blocboy Jb in his new rap video, Lick

Crip Rapper Blocboy JB & Associates Go AJ12 Bulls Gym Red For New Rap Video "Lick"

10 days ago.

Rapper Blocboy JB is a well known Crip gang member. He allegedly joined the Grape Street Crips at age 14, but this new video shows he's not letting a color define his success. BJB and his GS squad went Gym Red together for a sneakerhead friendly new rap video , Lick.


Everyone in the new "Lick" music video are dressed in black and red pretty much, matching the latest Air Jordan release. The crew syncronized colors to with their fresh pairs of AJ12 "Bulls" Gym Red edition sneaker that just released.


As usual, BlocBoy throws a few Memphis dance moves in the visual. The rest is rather laid back as the video appears to be shot while the crew is on the move, possibly touring.

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