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City Girls sit with their Sugar Daddy in "Season" music video

City Girls Celebrate Sugar Daddies in New Rap Video 'Season' Featuring Lil Baby

13 days ago.

City Girls have been causing a new wave in Hip-Hop for the last few months. Ever since their major song debut as a feature on Drake's "In My Feelings," the wave's been more like a tsunami. The new face and voice of today's young, thot-tendancied women, City Girls been buzzing heavy. Today the Florida rap group released new music video "Season" for one of their best tracks to date, featuring Lil Baby.


The 'Season' song itself talks about two women who are all about coming up off any rich man's bank, that's willing to spend. "It's that season / Where n--gaz cut a check for no reason" they sing on the hook. A slight smirk on their face can be heard in the music almost.


The music video itself follows suit with the message. It features two of the 3 beautiful city girls' rap crew (1 is in prison) living in the lap of luxury. A rich older man sponsoring all their desires from riding limousines through shopping districts to toasting glasses of fine crystal champagne flute glasses.


Lil Baby does not follow suit in fashion of these men however. He levels the playing field for men, crushing the dreams of 'gold diggers' looking to use him for his money. A true Player from the good A-town.


This song and video is almost like a "No Scrubs" vs "No Pigeons" battle for the new generation. Either way, hit the play button below and comment your thoughts.