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DaBaby Gets Busy in New Hip-hop Video 'Blank Blank'

Carolina Rapper DaBaby Has Girl Wilding Out In New Music Video, Blank Blank

7 days ago.

Charlotte, North Carolina rapper DaBaby is one of the hottest from the scene down-south currently. He's doing millions of views on YouTube and racing towards half-a-million subscribers on his official channel. The fame drew a lot of haters, which lead to a shooting in Walmart in a botched robbery attempt, but it's not stopping the Queen City's King. In his new music video "Blank Blank," DaBaby gives people a piece of his mind while the ladies indulge in pieces of him.


Flossing stacks of $100-dollar bills, diamond jewelry, and luxury watches, it's clear that DaBaby is letting haters know he is living good. Not really a rap video with deep plot, it seems the "Blank Blank" video is expressing the rewards of being a popular Hip-Hop artist in 2018. A rock star life where women throw themselves at the men who have fame, DaBaby appears to be living that.


Watch the new music video below, a new song from the rapper for fans needing new drip in November.

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