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Cash Money's Lavish D Sitting on Top of A Luxury Super Car
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Car & Leg of Cash Money's New Sacramento Rapper, Lavish D, Shot Multiple Times

9 days ago.

Cash Money Records is still moving forward in the Hip-Hop industry. Bryan "Baby" Williams has moved into signing California rappers this year, one of which is in a heated competition with fellow hometown rapper Young Mozzy. Today, violence ran into the new CMR signees life. Rapper Lavish D was shot at multiple times, after leaving a recording studio, but luckily he's still alive.


Instead of waiting for police and news reporters, Lavish D instead went into a social media sharing mode. The Sac-town MC filmed the aftermath of the shooting for his instagram followers, showing how 'real' his life can get and thankful he was not killed.


"Niggaz shot up my brand new Porsche Panamera last night wen I left da studio but I'm ok wit that ✔️I dont no who did it and i don't care who did it cause I'm focused on making it out the ghetto.. This post is not to brag and boast about anything I posted this so all young people who look up to me wont have to ever experience this.... All love from CML," he wrote as the caption to the video.


With or without grammar errors, the message is well conveyed. Many on-line are speculating the shooting has something to do with rapper Young Mozzy but that's highly unlikely. Instead, the long criminal rap sheet of Cash Money Lavish might have more plausible connections to the situation, though nothing is factual at this point.


The new Porsche Panamera had 6 gunshot holes in the door of the luxury automobile. Cash Money Lavish D had 1 gunshot wound in the leg, which he also showed, raw and unedited.


See footage of the shooting's aftermath below.



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