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Rapper BLVD Quick in "Slept On" rap video [ November 2018]

Blvd Quick Released New Rap Video "Slept On" 2 Days Before Death

10 days ago.

Sometimes, you become more famous after death and this will be along those lines. While Blvd Quick **was not well known to the world just yet, he was a bubbling artist coming out of Louisiana. Unfortunately he was just killed (story here) and his legacy will live on through his music. He had just released new music video '_Slept On**_' 2 days ago, November 24th.


The song, which seems quite emotional, has just under 200K views as news of Blvd Quick's death makes around the internet. It features his childhood friend and also-viral rap star, Fredo Bang.


Quick's brother was murdered as a youth. His mother also passed before he was a legal adult.

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