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Ayo, Salif Lasource, and Teo in Paris France together

Ayo & Teo Connect With Viral Dance Sensation, Salif lasource, New King of Michael Jackson Moonwalk

10 days ago.

It's going down! Fans of Hip-Hop dance are buzzing on the web about a coming video collaboration between two stars in the viral world of dance. Ayo & Teo, creators of the smash hi Rolex, and new viral dance sensation, Salif Lasource, have linked up in Paris.

The meeting of the two occurred while A&T were in Paris for music reportedly. Ayo & Teo posted photos fromt he meeting along with a video from what appears to be a dance session in a hall of mirrors.

Salif Lasource hasn't posted anything from the meeting yet. His instagram has been relatively slow in udpates since Lebron James' liking his video and rocketing his dance career from Paris, France's streets into international fame.

More on this as it breaks.

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