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Photos of Denver's "Graph Paper Bandit"

Asian Male Robbing Banks In Denver With Graph Paper, 3rd Bank Gets Hit

9 days ago.

It's rare someone robs a bank more than once and gets away with it. To even escape after robbing a bank one time, is a daunting task. An Asian male in Denver is defying those odds however, hitting his 3rd bank in the 'Mile High City' and still on the run, using nothing but graph paper.

On the paper passed to tellers is simply a threatening note, demanding cash be passed over. After the money is given, the reportedly 20-something Asian flees on foot, disappearing into the city. No one seems to notice much.

So far, the robber has hit two Wells Fargo bank branches and a First Bank, with experts predicting it will happen again. The Federal Bureau of Investigations have even stepped in, offering up to $2,000 cash for tips that help lead to the arrest of this individual.

Nicknamed "Graph Paper Bandit" for now, people in Denver are buzzing about the brazen bank robber who's dashing on foot.

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