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Klu Klux Klan Rally in a Yard to Turn The Cross Of Church in A$AP Rocky's New Rap Video, Gunz N Butter

ASAP Rocky Gets Creatively Political With Futuristic New Rap Video, Gunz N Butter

4 days ago.

Return of Rakim. Harlem's golden child has a new album on the way and the visuals are flying in. Fresh off the release of his "Sundress" music video, ASAP Rocky has released a new rap visual, Gunz N Butter.


The GNB music video is very different than most of where Hip-Hop's been going. It's a futuristic and artistic take at some heated political issues, along with fashion and rap bravado.


The video starts off with ASAP Rocky riding a car, as if a surf board through an empty desert. In the windows of the car, visions of what's going on in America can be seen. With the ASAP Mob frontman riding above the car, it symbolizes him rising above it all.


Watch the official "Gunz N Butter" music video below.

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