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50 Cent With His Grandfather, Who Raised him, Curtis Jackson II

50 Cent Suggests Gucci Mane's Baby Mom Is Lying About Needing $1,000 Monthly For Child's Clothing Dry Cleaned

12 days ago.

50 Cent could probably give some very valid advice to rich men about how to deal with their baby mom who's greedily pursuing a pay day. After all, his son Marquise's mother tried to ask him for more money, even-though he was already giving her more than court required, along with house. After hearing about Gucci Mane's Baby Mom recently requesting $1,000 month for dry cleaning, he had a blunt opinion to share with fans, suggesting she's a liar.


Along with a text image on instagram, 50 Cent chimed in, "After you go through this you be looking at the baby’s mother like 👀if you don’t get the fuck outta here. Smh🤦‍♂️ $1,000 cleaners bill. 😆Nah get a job #bellator"


Many fans chimed in, agreeing with the Queens rappers.


The $1,000 a month isn't the only request by Gucci Mane's baby mother Sheena either. Ms. Evans is telling Atlanta, Georgia courts she needs $20,000 a month to properly take care of the "So Icey" rapper's child.


Gucci Mane of course does not agree with these charges either. While he's not speaking publicly on the matter much, he calls the child support request 'suspect' due to her itemized list. The baby mama, Sheena Evans, claims it costs $1,000 a month for dry cleaning, $150 for grooming, and $2,800 in extracurricular activities (no list) .


Ironicly, the 'greedy' baby mom was surviving fine off $2,076 per month before this case. She just so happens to need more somehow, because Gucci Mane started making more since his release from prison.

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