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50 Cent and Ja Rule are family, find out they are cousins related by grandfather Lucious

50 Cent & Ja Rule Find Out They Are Family, G-Unit Rapper's Father Identified By Hospital

9 days ago.

50 Cent and Ja Rule have had the heaviest feud in Hip-Hop history. People have been shot, stabbed, and ran for their jewels behind the rap beef. It's all coming to close now however. Today the two announced via instagram, they will be joining forces after a shocking reveal of who 50 Cent's father is, making the two 1st generation cousins.


"I've grown up. I'm 42-years-old and sold millions of rap albums. I been thorough. I don't like son but if we family, we family. Lets do an album called 'Queens' @50cent," wrote Ja Rule on an instagram post's caption late Tuesday regarding the news.


The title "Queens" of course would refer to the borough from where both of the New York rappers were born. RuleYork was born in Hollis while Fiddy came from Southside Jamaica.


50 Cent isn't quite so fond of the news however, continuing on a tirade against his fellow newly found 'cousin.'


He replied on Ja's instagram post, "My father was part rat... OMG.... I'm related to this Stuart Little faced Wanksta. Irv probably paid for this test."


In disbelief of the Queen's hospital registry information perhaps, the concocted story of his bloodlines cannot be denied. Curtis Jackson's father is Lucious Lyon, a once powerful street lord from Baltimore , Maryland. It's said Lucious was worth millions in his prime time of business. Lyons is the son of Ja Rules's Grandfather, who left New York shortly after giving birth to Ja Rule's father, Jeffrey "Bunkie" Atkins Sr.


Fans swarmed the post with over 300,000 likes and many cheering on the idea of a 'Queens' album between the two. The joint album would undoubtedly send shock waves through the 2018 rap scene for the year's cap.

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