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Marquise Jackson with Son of Supreme McGriff, man who allegedly had 50 Cent Shot

50 Cent Comments On Photo Of Son Hanging With Son of Supreme McGriff, Queen's Drug Dealer Who Tried Killing Him

3 days ago.

Here comes the boom! Rapper 50 Cent left an unsettling comment on the instagram picture of his son Marquise , hanging out with the son of Supreme McGriff.


"If both these lilttle n--gas got hit by a bus, I wouldn't have a bad day" he replied to the alliance.


The comment has caused a wave of response from around the world. However, most do not understand the depth of the photo.


Marquise is standing with the son of Supreme McGriff, a man who tried to kill 50 Cent before his rise to fame, allegedly. Word in the streets of New York, before Dr.Dre and Eminem signed the 'Get Rich or Die Trying' rapper it was Supreme who wanted to kill Fiddy and his rap career for oppossing Ja Rule & Murder Inc. The record label was his laundering scheme according to the Feds/FBI.


It gets deeper than the rap as well. 50 Cent allegedly opposed Ja and Co., as Supreme McGriff may have had something to do with his mother & other childhood associates being killed. This includes the also well-suspected theory in Queens that Supreme Team (McGriff's gang) had something to do with the death of Fiddy's mentor & original aid in music, RUN DMC pioneer DJ Jam Master Jay.


Mortal enemies and dangerous people, the clashes between McGriff and 50 cent are legendary in the streets of Southside Jamaica Queens. Fiddy is probably the only rival of the Queen's Kingpin, who's currently serving a lifetime prison sentence to survive and thrive into a position of dominance.


As people reply without context to the history of who Supreme Mcgriff is, it's clear Marquise & his mother are putting himself themselves positions of danger by associating with such people. Hopefully however it's all positive vibes by all parites.


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