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Tekashi 6ix9ine holding up Racks of Money From 2018 Hip-Hop Music Success

13 Rap Beefs Tekashi 6ix9ine Had Since 'Dummo' That Destroyed His Rise To Top Of 2018 Hip-Hop Music

10 days ago.

The bad luck number for** Tekashi 6ix9ine** is clearly the number 13, as earlier reported. With a little luck he might beat his Federal indictment however, considering he just hired one of the best criminal lawyers to help his defense. Here's a look at 3 toxic rap beefs against 6ix9ine's image that may harm in in court and 10 others that occurred after Dummo launched him to the top of the 2018 Hip-Hop music scene. 13 scenarios that created the self-destruction of 69.



  1. Beef With NYC 9Tre Blood Gang: Billy Ado, Billy Seqo, Shottie, Mel Murda, Crippie

Tekashi started off a SCUM gang member and graduated into the 9Tre Blood Gang & their Tr3way movement thanks to his personal friends from Brooklyn, New york; Billy Ado and Seqo Billy. With the encouragement and alleged 'slick talk' of distant associate Shottie. Shottie would then steal the 'Tr3way' brand to form his entertainment label and use 69 as the 'mascot' of the rap brand which would later completely implode. Shottie and his associates were allegedly stealing money from 6ix9ine when booking shows for him (not yet confirmed) and it lead to him firing them all.


Tekashi 6ix9ine held very little back when speaking on his former Tr3way associates after the firing. He disrespectfully called him "Dirty Bloods" and blasted them on popular Hip Hop radio broadcast "The Breakfast Club," for stealing money. On top of that he alluded to the group being the ones who organized his kidnapping, robbery, and pistol whipping incident.



In retaliation for the 'bad mouthing' Feds proved Shottie & 2 other associated, Crippie and Mel Murda, had plans to super violate Tekashi69. The NYPD Gangs Unit believe this meant either they were going to murder the 'Dummy Boy' rapper.


Billy Ado and Seqo Billy have both declined beefing with Tekashi since his fed indictment. After he abandoned the childhood friends for unknown reasons, they were upset, but never wished harm upon the former associate. They also warned that Shottie was not good business to get engaged with allegedly.



  1. Beef With Los Angeles , California Gangs : YG, Slim 400, The Game, OG Spanky Loco


When Tekashi 6ix9ine was in Los Angeles, California he called out some people for clout chasing. In particular, Mexican Gangsters like OG Spanky Loco, said they did not want Tekashi coming to their city because he's a pedophile. They claimed they would no let 69 have a show anywhere in LA.


The 'Dummo' rapper responded with a series of snapchat videos and IG stories. The common story on them all was 69 told those calling him out, he was coming and they could 'eat a d-ck' or 'suck a d-ck.' The way it was spoken seemed very generalized however and it led to responses from several LA gang factions including Rolling Crips, Piru Bloods, Mexican Cartel, and more.


Amongst those beefs included rappers Jooba Loc, The Game, YG, Slim 400, and OG Spanky Loco. There's likely even more, but these artists had names that rang off in the media forcing 6ix9ine to hve to respond once again.


Jooba Loca, OG Spanky Loco, and Slim 400 all went hunting for Tekashi while he claimed to be in Los Angeles as well. Slim 400 caught 6-9 lacking at comicon, barring him from entering the venue. A day or so after, 6ix9ine's Los Angeles music video set was also shot up in, shutting down the event and costing him $500,000 in fees.



  1. Chief Keef x Tadoe x GBE x Chicago, O-Block Beef


6ix9ine caught beef with the entire Chicago over a girl. Yes. A girl. The rapper Cuban Doll.


Tekashi was face-timing (live video stream) with Cuban Doll when her then-boyfriend, GBE Tadoe, caught wind of the conversation. He felt uncomfortable and demanded 6ix9ine stop flirting with his girl, warning that he kills people. The video went uber viral, adding fuel to the fire.


6ix9ine responses in usual fashion , telling Tadoe and all of GBE, including Chief Keef to 'SMD.' He also told Tadoe to stop worrying about killing him and try to kill the person who murdered his cousin , GBE Capo. On top of all this, Tekashi also dissed the two major Chicago gangs that almost every famous rappers in part of, GDs and BDs. The Gangster Disciple and Black Disiciple diss put the entire city against Tekashi.


After droping the bomb aginst the two major gang factions, 69 went to Chief Keef & Tadoe's infamous 'O-Block' projects and shot a video tossing up his gang set. He trolled them heavy, claiming it was night time, when it fact it was early morning when everyone was asleep. None the less, the internet world saw the move as super gangster.


Tekashi would later admit on The Breakfast Club to Charlamagne Tha God he was only there for like 15 seconds and only did it to entertain the internet, trolling. He drew criticism from Lil Durk, Vic Mensa, and all of Chicago for the move.



There are 10 other beefs 6ix9ine had, that luckily did not go into real-time altercations. Intelligence prevailed and 69's trolling was ignored by Ludacris, Juice World, Zillakami, P'ierre Bourne, Jay Critch, J Prince Jr, Bhad Babie, Casanova, Tago Orejon Prison & Street Gang, Adrien Broner. Details of these beefs can be read over at XXL Magazine. There's more that can probably be pulled out of the madness of it all, but it's all at a hault for now.  

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